Spray  Adhesive Type Cartoning Machine
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Spray Adhesive Type Cartoning Machine

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Product Description

Spray  Adhesive Type Cartoning Machine


The equipment is an upgrade of type 130 equipment developed by our company, which is suitable for hot-melt adhesive-sealing paper boxes on both sides. Widely used in food, medicine and related products manufacturing industries;

Main technical parameters

Packing speed


The carton

The quality requirements


Size range

(80-240) × (15-200) × (15-90) mm

The instructions

The quality requirements


Unfolded size Range (1-4 folds)

(130-190) × (90-130) mm

The compressed air

Main motor power

≥0.16m³/min   0.6mpa

Main motor power


1.5Kw   220V/380V   50HZ

Overall dimensions



The whole machine net weight



Hot melt adhesive machine


Selected by customers (our company usually USES domestic Jingtai or imported Lebest)


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