Semi-automatic Filling Machine

The main function of the semi-automatic filling machine is filling. There are many classifications of semi-automatic filling machines. According to the filling principle, they can be divided into volume measurement type, mass measurement type and volume quality type.

According to the number of filling heads, it can be divided into single head, double heads and multi heads.

The performance and working efficiency of different filling machines are very different, but there are two main problems, one is the filling speed and the other is the measurement accuracy.

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  • This machine can be used to fill foods, medicine, cosmetics and chemicals in liquid or semi-liquid form. Like beverage, tooth-aste, cream, jam, shoe Polish, ink, starch gum, cold cream, butter etc, The filling capacity is adjustable, trust worthy action, accurate measure.

  • Pneumatic Filling Machine is mainly used for carbonated drinks filling and suitable for glass bottle, PET bottle and all kinds of plastic bottle. It is especially for carbonated drinks with syrup inside.

  • Hot-selling product, suitable for all kinds of special-shaped bottles and polyester bottles. It is equipped with a bottle-out system and can be connected to a conveyor belt automatic capping machine

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