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What is Capping Machine?

Capping Machine, also known as capping machine, capping machine or capping machine, is mainly used for plastic bottles and glass bottles.

Capping Machine Structural Features
1. The machine has reasonable and compact structure, stable operation, flexible operation, and convenient specification conversion and adjustment.
3. The speed of aluminum cover can be adjusted.
4, with automatic start and stop function.
5. Using the principle of seven-station three-knife rolling cover, the rolled aluminum cover has no damage, the rolling gap is firm, smooth and flat, and the pass rate is ≥99.5%

Principle and characteristics of Capping Machine
The hand-held electric capping machine is easy to carry around and can be conveniently used for tightening or loosening various bottle caps. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid the damage of the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug. Once the cap is tightened, the chuck will automatically stop rotating, indicating that you can move on to the next cap. If you purchase the stand at the same time, the capping machine can be screwed up lightly and neatly. This series of machines can effectively reduce labor intensity and ensure the quality of capping.

The whole machine includes: main engine, aluminum capping head and buffer inner plug.

Main use: suitable for capping machine equipment in various cosmetics, medicine, veterinary drugs, pesticides, lubricants industries.

The principle and characteristics of Capping Machine: The automatic capping machine is mainly suitable for caps and caps with different material specifications and different specifications. Suitable for screw caps, anti-theft caps, child-proof caps, press-in caps, etc. Equipped with constant torque capping head, the pressure can be easily adjusted. The structure is compact and reasonable, and it can be easily linked with other equipment to form a line, and the dust cover is optional. Advantages of the machine: Linear design, convenient and beautiful to form an assembly line.