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Flexible and Economical Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine Label Applicator


As a labeling machine manufacturer with 10 years of experience, today we share with you a flexible and economical SEMI AUTOMATIC ROUND BOTTLE LABELING MACHINE LABELER HOT ITEM. The semi-automatic round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine is mainly used for semi-automatic labeling of the circumferential surface of various cylindrical bottles such as medicine, daily chemical industry, food and so on. Using high-precision labeling device, it is suitable for product labeling of various size ranges.

The semi-automatic round bottle labeller saves manpower and improves labeling accuracy and consistency. The imported electric eye and program controller are used to control the synchronous motor for labeling, and one or two labels can be attached to a bottle.

The exposed parts of the semi automatic round bottle self-adhesive label applicator are made of stainless steel, engineering plastics, and high-strength alloy aluminum with anodized surface treatment. It has a light structure, high strength and corrosion resistance.

Application: To achieve semi-automatic labeling of self-adhesive labels and self-adhesive films on the circumferential surface and conical surface of the product.

Improve the sticking efficiency of product labeling and film sticking, with accurate sticking position, good quality and high stability;
Avoid problems such as low efficiency of manual labeling and film sticking, skewed sticking, blistering and wrinkling, and irregular sticking position;
Effectively reduce product costs, improve product logo aesthetics, and increase product competitiveness.

Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.;
Applicable products: products that require labels to be attached to the circumferential surface and conical surface;
Application industry: widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastic, printing and other industries;

Application examples: Oral liquid round bottle labeling, vial labeling, tapered pen cap labeling, shampoo bottle labeling, small-taper cosmetic bottle labeling, etc.

Main features
1. The semi-automatic round bottle self-adhesive labeling machine has a wide range of applications and can meet the labeling of cylinders with a diameter of 10-100mm.
2. The labeling precision is high, and the deviation of the label head and tail is ≤±1mm.
3. The ingenious extrusion device is used to feed the material, just put the product, and the labeling is automatically completed.
4. Adopt card position adjustment, easy to switch labeling of different products.
5. Using synchronous belt traction, the mechanical stability is greatly improved.
6. Desktop design, simple structure, small size and powerful function.
7. It adopts anodized aluminum alloy bracket and advanced computer white box, which is beautiful and elegant.
8. Using advanced electric eye, the detection sensitivity of objects and labels is high.

Technical Parameters
1. Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
2. Efficiency: 25-50 pieces/min (depending on the size of the labelled product)
3. Outer diameter of the label roll ≤ 250mm, Inner diameter of the label roll: 76mm
4. Applicable product size: diameter 10-150mm
5. Label width 8-150mm, length, 15-315mm
6. Power supply: 220V 50HZ
7. Motor power: 120w
8. Overall size: 650×450×450mm
9. Weight of the whole machine: 25 kg