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Characteristics of Automatic Printing and Labeling Machines


Automatic printing and labeling machines are widely used in food, cosmetics and some light industries. As an experienced labeling machines manufacturer in China, today we will introduce the characteristics of automatic printing and labeling machines.

1. Program storage function: The user can preset the setting parameters for various products (such as: label quantity, delay, alarm processing method, etc.) in the control computer, it can be used when changing production requirements, no need to reset.

2. A variety of labeling methods: pneumatic, blowing, sweeping and other methods for users to choose, the printing and labeling machine can meet the labeling requirements of different occasions / different items.

3. Counter function: a variety of counter functions are convenient for users to understand and follow up production status, material status, label usage, etc. Different counting methods can greatly improve the flexibility of users for different production and statistical needs.

4. Alarm function: When a fault occurs, the system will pop up the corresponding alarm information or stop, so that the user can clearly understand the fault situation. (Optional alarm methods include: "close/open" signal and "stop/no stop" command, etc.)

5. Real-time printing and labeling anti-leakage sticker function, optional automatic labeling (re-printing) function to meet the special needs of production lines.

6. Flexible editing software: Compatible with most Chinese/English label editing software, printing content editing has strong flexibility.

7. Extended functions: The printing and labeling machine can be connected with other equipment (such as barcode readers, testing equipment, etc.) to form a complete system, which can be used in complex production management and logistics monitoring applications.