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The Advantages of Automatic Flat Labeling Machine Compared with Traditional Equipment


When it comes to automatic flat labeling machine, everyone should be familiar with it. The labels on the products we buy are basically done by it. Because of its existence, the product avoids a lot of trouble in the process of buying, selling and market circulation, for which the automatic flat labeling machine is indispensable.

The automatic flat labeling machine is a device that sticks self-adhesive paper or metal foil labels on the specified packaging containers, and is an indispensable part of modern packaging.

As a labeling machine manufacturer in China, today we will introduce the advantages of automatic flat labeling machine compared with traditional equipment in detail:

1. Improve the quality

Using automatic flat labeling machine for production can make the appearance of the product beautiful, neat and consistent. The quality of product packaging is improved, the grade of the product is improved, the competitiveness of the product is improved, and higher economic benefits can be obtained.

2. Hygiene and cleanliness

It can reduce the contact between the hand and the product, and ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the product, such as the production of medicine, electronics, cosmetics, food, etc.


3. Improve corporate image

For customers who come to visit and inspect, they will feel that the enterprise has a high degree of automation, which can enhance the corporate image.


4. Save packaging space

Conventionally, an automatic flat labeling machine is faster than 5-6 people. If it is for labeling small and micro products,an automatic flat labeling machine is faster than a dozen people, and themachine occupies a small space.


5. Improve productivity and reduce costs

It can save labor, improve production capacity and efficiency. The production capacity of conventional equipment labeling speed is 30-600 pieces/minute. Generally speaking,an automatic flat labeling machine can recover the cost within 1 year. For small and micro products, the machine cost can be recovered within 1-3 months.