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What are the advantages of Vertical Powder Packing Machine 2kg?


Features of Vertical Powder Packing Machine 2kg 

1. High degree of automation technology, the whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer and its stepping motor. Therefore, the operation of the automatic packaging machine is safe and reliable, and the setting of main parameters is simple and convenient. 

2. The transmission system of the automatic packaging machine is simple and stable, which can not only realize the discharge, packaging, sealing and cutting in place, but also effectively improve the packaging efficiency. 

3. The automatic packaging machine has the function of precise positioning and shutdown. In the process of final sealing and cutting of packaging, not only the accuracy is relatively accurate, but also the sealing and cutting knife is not easy to stick to the packaging film when it is continuously shrinking and sealing. 

4. The reject rate of the automatic packaging machine is low. The transmission system is equipped with automatic detection equipment, so it is not easy for empty bags to enter the sealing and cutting process. 

5. The packaging environment of the automatic packaging machine is hygienic and reliable. There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process of packaging, and all the materials in contact with the equipment are made of stainless steel, and even the transmission shaft is free of oil. 

6. The adjustment system is flexible, and the range of packaging bags is extremely wide. Objects of specifications, shapes and properties can be packaged by the automatic packaging machine, such as biscuits, potato chips, paper towels, soap, hardware products, and paper boxes. 

7. The application fields of automatic packaging machines are common, and it can meet the needs of packaging bags in various fields such as food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical companies, hardware accessories, stationery, toys, etc.

8. The automatic packaging machine is energy-saving, emission-reducing, power-saving, high-efficiency, and can be adjusted in function and technology according to different market needs, because this is controlled by the software as a whole, not only can retain the advantages but also keep pace with the times Enter.