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How to choose a laser marking machine?


The laser marking machine uses a high-density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, and the surface of the workpiece absorbs laser energy, so that the surface of the material is melted, ablated, and evaporated, thereby forming a permanent mark.


Nowadays, laser marking machines have been widely used in various industries, playing the role of anti-counterfeiting traceability, exquisite and beautiful appearance.


At present, laser marking machines can be roughly divided into CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, etc. They have different marking effects for different marking materials.


Generally speaking, fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking metal, plastic and other materials, CO2 laser marking machine is mainly for non-metal materials, such as acrylic, transparent plastic, ceramic, glass, etc., while UV laser marking machine is mainly used for ultra Hard materials, such as water pipes.

So how to choose a suitable laser marking machine? You need to master these points!


1. Laser source of laser marking machine.


Depending on the material of the workpiece you want to process, use a longer-wavelength fiber laser marking machine for hardware, plastic, label paper and other materials; use a shorter-wavelength CO2 laser marking machine for materials such as bamboo, cloth, ceramics, and acrylic. Machine; If it is heat-sensitive materials such as films, fruits, eggs, cartons, strengthened glass, etc., use a UV laser marking machine with a moderate wavelength. Of course, it does not mean that one material is only suitable for one laser source, and multiple laser sources can be used for the same material, depending on the degree of fineness you have processed.


2. Power of laser marking machine.


Laser power is sometimes the key to determining the speed and effect. Generally speaking, like UV engraving paper, film, plastic, you can use low power 1.2W to mark, but engraving glass requires UV 3W or even 5W power to engrave. It works; like hardware, 20W optical fiber can be used, but if you pursue high efficiency and high speed, you need 30W or higher power to achieve it.


3. The main hardware structure of the laser marking machine.


The main hardware structure of the laser marking machine, including the laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply and calculation notification system, you only need to choose whether to import or domestic according to your processing needs, especially if there is a high requirement for accuracy, please make it clear with the laser marking machines manufacturer.


4. The price of the laser marking machine.


In fact, the price changes according to the customer's demand configuration (the size of the marking machine power, the choice of imported brand or domestic brand, etc.)

In addition, when using laser marking machines, the accuracy, engraving effect, speed, and cooperation with automation, custom fixtures and other requirements must be proposed to the manufacturer in advance, and confirmed in the process of sample testing and planning, so as not to purchase a printer that does not meet the requirements for use. The standard machine affects the user experience.