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Why are high-speed labeling machines popular?


The principle of labeling

The internal structure of the high-speed labeling machine is divided into a label feeding mechanism, a buffer mechanism, a printing mechanism, a labeling mechanism, and a paper delivery mechanism, while the exterior is divided into a bottle feeding mechanism, a bottle receiving mechanism, and an auxiliary wheel mechanism.


Several major mechanisms complement each other. The principle: The label delivery mechanism provides the label to the buffer mechanism, through the proximity switch, to ensure the smooth supply of the label, and then the label is attached to the printing mechanism by the buffer mechanism through each guide shaft, and when the printing is turned on, printing is carried out synchronously with labeling, and the rear delivery mechanism is driven by a single motor, which makes the load of the labeling motor small and stable. During the labeling process, there is no broken label or missing label.


Other manufacturers use the label delivery mechanism to transfer the labels, and use a few guide shafts to guide the labeling. This makes the labeling process easy to break and inaccurate.


As following are the pictures of two models from ourhigh-speed labeling machines for your reference:

Fully Automatic Online Weighing & Printing & Labeling Machine With High Speed

High-speed rotary round bottle labeling machine

What factors affect product quality?

1. Design

Whether product quality can satisfy customers depends first on the design and development process of the product. Doing a good job in product design and development is the prerequisite for realizing product upgrading and improving product quality. Design directly determines the formulation of the production plan, the purchase of raw materials, the difficulty of crafting, the type of equipment and processing accuracy, and the level of quality. Inferior design may make the product difficult to produce.


2. Installation

In the installation process, if the parts are not installed correctly, or there is a certain deviation, then various problems will be caused during the operation of the machine. For example, the conveyor belt is not running smoothly, etc.


3. Environment

Environment is a major factor affecting quality. For example, if the air humidity is lower than the tolerable humidity, the label cannot be pasted on the bottle; or because the humidity of the bottle is not within the tolerance range, a similar situation will also occur during the labeling process.


Why choose a high-speed labeling machine?

High-speed labeling machine is a new generation of labeling equipment, using the third generation of industrial control system (PLC), compared to the second generation of industrial control system (single board computer), it has a strong anti-interference ability. All I/O interface circuits adopt photoelectric isolation, so that there is no electrical interference between the external circuit of the industrial site and the internal circuit of the PLC.

It can operate effectively in a very harsh industrial environment, and can efficiently cooperate with the entire production line when it is matched with the servo system. In the case of high-speed operation, there will be no loss of step and other phenomena, and the perfect label can be affixed smoothly and accurately.