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Flexible vertical round bottle labeling machine with simultaneous coding and labeling functions, perfectly applied to the can production line


Our customer customized several HY-A(C) vertical round bottle labeling machines for their can beverage production line. The labeling speed of thismachine can reach up to 250 pcs/min and the coding and labeling can be completed simultaneously. We have gained great satisfaction from our customer by helping them improve production efficiency.

The following picturesshow the labeling process ofcustomercans.

This model is applicable to different kindsofround objects in pharmaceutical, cosmetic,food and other industries.


As below are the detailed features of this machine for your reference:


• Intelligent control system:

Advanced technology PLC control system, servo labeling system, automatic label length detection and other high-end configurations to ensure stable and high-speed operation of the equipment.


• Intelligent operating system:

Multi-functional man-machine operation interface, production counting, parameter adjustment and other visual monitoring, with rich help function and fault display function;


• Labeling device:

According to the characteristics of different bottle surfaces, detachable plastic belts or industrial synchronization belts can be selected to realize the labeling function.


• Feeding and receiving configuration:

When used as a stand-alone machine, it is optional to install a feeding (receiving) tray, or it can be directly connected to the production line for use.


• Printer device:

Flexible options such as hot stamping machine or inkjet printer, etc., to complete the coding and labeling functions simultaneously.


• Optional:

Zebra brand PAX4, 105SL print engine, Avery brand 924 print engine;

Barcode detection;

Label detection;

Remaining label alarm function.


Common requirements and characteristics of labeling in the beverage industry:

1. Requires high speed and high precision with accurate positioning. Generally, there are more automatic round bottle labeling machines, and usually one bottle with multiple labels.

2. In addition, the appearance and material of the label often change, so the skill of labeling position control is very demanding.

3. As people have the habit of drinking refrigerated beverages, the choice of label material is very important.

Our companyis capable of developing production and packaging automation equipmenton your request, so as to meet your requirements for fully automated collaborative production lines.