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Cartoning machine adjustment steps

1. First connect the power cord, turn on the power switch on the control panel, and turn on the emergency stop switch.
2. Connect the air source and adjust the air pressure at 0.6-0.8kg/cm2
3. Adjust the size of each part on the machine according to the size of the packaging box, and test run after each part is adjusted.
A. Adjust the box seat of the box opening mechanism. Put the carton we want to adjust on the box base, and then adjust the guides of the box base to be close to each side of the box. Keep the box stable without falling.
B. Adjust the length of the main chain carton. Place the folded carton on the conveyor belt that exits the carton. Then adjust the pulleys behind the machine so that the width on both sides of the conveyor belt is in contact with the length of the box.
C. Adjust the width of the main chain carton. First loosen the two sprocket screws on the outside of the main chain. Then put a paper box in the middle of the chain and adjust the width of the chain to be the same as the width of the box. Finally, tighten the two screws of the sprocket.
D. The height adjustment of the main chain carton. Loosen the two fastening screws on the front and back of the upper pressure rail first, then turn the upper handwheel to make the upper rail and the upper surface of the carton contact the rail, and finally lock the fastening screws.

E. Adjust the size of the conveyor belt feeding compartment. Unscrew the fixed bearing screws, place the product in the pusher compartment, move the baffle left and right until it is adjusted to a suitable size, and then tighten the screws.