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How to solve the problem of label warping when the self-adhesive labeling machine is in use?


How to solve the problem of label warping when the self-adhesive labeling machine is in use?

The self-adhesive labeling machine adopts mechatronics technology, has a start-up buffer function, and has the technical characteristics of high overall sensitivity, large low-speed torque, stable speed, stable working voltage, and strong anti-interference ability. Thus, a good self-adhesive labeling machine ensures accurate, stable, and reliable labeling. However, to achieve a good visual effect in the labeling process of the self-adhesive labeling machine, some errors must be avoided. One of them is to avoid the phenomenon of bid bidding.

After labeling, it needs to be filled and sealed. In this sealing process, heating has a severe test on the label. The closer the label is to the bottom, the greater the possibility of label lift. In practical applications, almost every manufacturer has the problem of bid-above, so there are various solutions.

Increase label viscosity

Increase the viscosity of the label of the self-adhesive labeling machine to make the label stick more firmly. To achieve this effect, the following aspects need to be considered.

Improve the surface quality of the attached hose. Because of the presence of varnish on the surface of most products, this makes labeling more difficult. In addition, the seepage of the contents and the micropores in the pipe wall will cause the label to be warped; control the labeling pressure during the labeling process; The temperature in the process. It is understood that increasing the labeling temperature will improve the labeling effect because as the temperature rises, the activity of the substance inside the object will increase, and the label can be more easily integrated with the tube body.

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Change the shape of the label

In sealing the end, heating is a big problem for the test of the label. Therefore, the bottom end of the label is made into an arc shape to avoid the deformation zone of the end seal as much as possible. For special-shaped end sealing, the shape of the label is required to be changed accordingly to avoid label warping and increase the aesthetics at the same time.

It is worth noting that the arc cannot be opened too deep. Otherwise, it will cause wrinkles due to the problem of the label itself and increase unnecessary trouble.

Eliminate static electricity

The labeling machine is easy to generate static electricity in the operation process, which will also affect the labeling effect. Therefore, it is necessary to consider eliminating static electricity.


Properly increasing the humidity of the labeling site will improve the static electricity phenomenon to a certain extent. The labeling machine is equipped with automatic humidity control inside. It can also control the cleanliness of the equipment separately to keep the label away from dust and improve the labeling quality of the product.


In addition, the use of ion fans is also an effective solution.

Choose label material

Try to use soft label materials, so a good label has a certain degree of flexibility, greatly improving the label lift.


In the context of current favorable policies, the self-adhesive labeling machine industry should also maintain equipment updates and upgrades to meet the higher requirements and demands of the market.