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Self-adhesive labeling machine labeling design principle


Self-adhesive labeling machine labeling design principle

With the further upgrading of domestic consumption, various industries have put forward higher requirements for product packaging. Labels are the main component of product packaging, displaying product information such as production date, origin, ingredients, product brand, trademark, pattern, and other advertising information. With the advantages of high labeling accuracy, fast labeling speed, and good packaging effect, self-adhesive has become an important choice for major manufacturers.

Packaging is a midstream industry with increasing competition for products downstream of the industry. Product system updates, marketing strategy upgrades, and many other factors continue to deepen the upgrading of product packaging solutions. Labels, as an important part of the packaging, are also seeing various changes. According to the number of labels, there are single labels and double labels; according to the packaging container, there are round bottle types, multi-faceted types (commonly four, six, eight, etc.), curved type, flat type, etc. There are higher requirements in the style of packaging labels. There are also higher requirements for the efficiency and stability of labeling production.

This article introduces the main components of the linear labeling machine and the overall component composition according to the linear self-adhesive labeling machine, widely used in the market. I hope to be able to label machine consumers, and labeling machine sales staff have help.

System components

The diagram above shows the workflow of the labeling machine. The labeling machine must transport the packaging container to a predetermined position through the packaging container supply system to complete a labeling process. In contrast, the label supply system delivers the label to a predetermined position. After the container and label arrive at the designated position, the labeling execution system completes the labeling process by laminating and smoothing the label. A labeling control system controls the whole labeling process.

In recent years, the labeling machine market has developed rapidly, and there are large and small factories in the market producing labeling machines for different packaging solutions.

The labeling machine has four major components: the labeling machine control system, the container feeding system, the label feeding system, and the labeling execution system. According to the size of the label applied, the labeled items, labeling accuracy, labeling speed, and other elements are different. The labeling machine components are not the same. The container feeding system, label feeding system, and labeling execution system belong to the hardware part of the equipment. In contrast, the labeling control system is mainly the control software, which we will classify as the software part.