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As a user of automatic labeling machines, do you know this kind of expertise?


After decades of continuous pioneering and enterprising, the development trend of automatic labeling machines has attracted worldwide attention. Nowadays, almost all manufacturing companies use labeling machines to package goods. The labeling machine has long become one of the essential equipment in the commodity trading market. In the future, people should vigorously expand the sales market of automated technology labeling machines and strive to find business opportunities for developing trends. Select the development trend standards that are compatible with the regulations of the manufacturing industry to expand the indoor space for the future development of the manufacturing industry. Only then can we obtain greater economic benefits for the labeling machine and provide convenience for many manufacturing companies.

Six common problems of applying automatic labeling machine:

1, X, Y, Z three axes, if the limit position and the endpoint are magnetically induced together, it can not be positively reset to zero.

2. When changing all the main parameters of the azimuth of one axis, the power must be turned off and restarted.

3. Before starting, reset the position of the labeling machine to zero before it can be activated.

4. If the active search cannot be completed, first manually close the Z-axis of the labeling machine to the endpoint, lower the Y-axis, and then actively search.

5. The bottom position of the suction mark should be taken as the safety position for mold ejection. Only the labeling machine needs to return to the future position of the suction mark to win or lose the mold.

6. When the servo motor alarms and the main parameters are actively searched, or the manual mode cannot be moved, the power can be turned off and restarted, and then tested.

After introducing the common problems of the automatic labeling machine in detail, Hanyi will introduce the maintenance methods of the automatic labeling machine in detail. After the labeling machine has been working for 10 hours, it must be shut down for 30 minutes to perform the following maintenance measures before it can be operated again:

Hanyi also displays some products and labels.

1. After the equipment is in operation every day, the main switch is to cut off the power supply to wipe the surface of the equipment, the workbench, and other locations.

2. The machine equipment requires that the working voltage of the switching power supply of the supporting facilities is used, and all normal funds can be invested in production and manufacturing.

3. Check the transmission chain and other operating components. If there are any defects, they should be cleaned immediately. Fill up the smooth oil on time, and add drops of car oil or unsalted butter on the toothing surfaces of the transmission gears on time.

4. Punctually check the tightening level of all anchor bolt connections, and tighten them immediately if they are loose.

5. There should be no displacement of the precise positioning and testing equipment. When necessary, adjust from the beginning.

6. Check whether the transmission belts are off-track.

7. Check whether each air supply and connection head are loose or dropped.

Do you know the five advantages of automatic labeling machine?

In the packaging industry, fully automatic labeling machines have attracted more and more attention. With the increase in attention and the improvement of innovation, the functions of fully automatic labeling machines are constantly improving. At present, fully automatic labeling machines have been widely used in food, daily chemical, and other industries, and the market share is also steadily increasing. Do you know the advantages of using a fully automatic labeling machine?

1. Small volume. 

The volume and floor space of the automatic labeling machine are very small. You can shop for enterprises to save capital costs, and filling machines can also mix to form a complete production line.

2.The application range is relatively wide. 

Even cosmetics can be labeled with a fully automatic labeling machine, including barcodes, QR codes, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. According to industry insiders, the fully automatic labeling machine makes the production process more quickly liberated.

3.Longer service life. 

The automatic labeling machine is generally composed of 304 stainless steel and is controlled by a PLC man-machine, simple and convenient to operate, and easy to clean. The automatic labeling machine is corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, and has a long service life, and the parts will not fall for a long time.

4.High performance, Cost-effective. 

If an automatic labeling machine is 60,000 yuan, the service life is ten years, and it only costs 500 yuan per month. The salary of ordinary employees is calculated at 2,000 yuan, and it needs 240,000 in ten years. As a result, the emergence of fully automatic labeling machines has brought huge benefits to the product packaging line.

5.High production efficiency. 

Compared with manual labeling, the labeling machine consumes fewer resources, can have higher production efficiency and return efficiency and can save material costs. Whether it is production efficiency or equipment advantages, fully automatic labeling machines occupy a relatively middle position in my country's packaging industry. In the future development, the automatic labeling machine will also realize the demanding packaging requirements in continuous innovation.

Hanyi is a professional automation equipment integration service provider. It is a labeling machine manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and automation equipment and test systems. The main products sold are labeling machines, automatic labeling machines, real-time printing labeling machines, automatic self-adhesive labeling machines, etc. The above five advantages of the automatic labeling machine, I hope to help you. If you have any unclear points in the process of buying or using the labeling machine, you can consult with our Hanyi technicians!