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How to choose a printing and labeling machine for your products?


Learn about printing and labeling machines first

The print labeling machine is a device that can print online and in real-time while simultaneously labeling products or packaging. It is an important type of equipment for many manufacturers because we can use it as long as it is used in the packaging. What are the characteristics of the print labeling machine? This is what everyone wants to know.

Basic use of printing labeling machine

The printing labeling machine is suitable for flat labeling, cylindrical and other objects. In the actual production process of such an object, it can be processed and produced. It can be fully printed according to the actual situation of the product and can be operated independently. More people favor this kind of operation.

What are the characteristics of the print labeling machine?

When the printing and labeling machine is in actual use, all it adopts is a relatively mature control system for full operation, making the entire machine particularly stable during actual transportation or use. At the same time, all operating systems can be controlled using a touch screen, which is particularly simple, convenient, and practical in actual operation and has high efficiency. The printing and labeling machine uses various mechanisms that can synchronize to ensure stable calibration. It has a wide range of applications. One machine can be used in many different ways and has strong adaptability.

What are the advantages of printing and labeling machines?

The printing and labeling machine has more advanced functions during actual operation, and the operation is very simple. When carrying out a full operation, photoelectric detection and touch operation are adopted. Total speed adjustment can be carried out on the conveyor belt or other places. With certain accuracy, relatively high precision, relatively strong adaptability, and the entire machine are made of stainless steel. You can do the automatic correction or automatic detection in actual use, or you can select other images for comprehensive detection. You can achieve repeated paste, fully suppress the screw adjustment, and the entire label can be pasted.

How to choose a printing and labeling machine for your products?

Here, the staff of the labeling machine manufacturer will share with you some factors that affect the model of the printing labeling machine. According to these factors, the printing labeling machine suitable for the product is framed.

Generally speaking, we can choose the online printing and labeling machine according to the following aspects:

1. Choose the right labeling surface

Choose the appropriate labeling surface according to the requirements of supply chain management and the packaging attributes. The choice of labeling method of the automatic printing labeling machine depends on the goods. The labeling surface of the packaging box also depends on the conveying method of the conveying line. These factors directly determine the positioning and specifications of the header.

2. Design label format

Define label style templates (generally rolls) to design label sizes, barcode symbologies, fonts, pictures, etc.; define label formats and label data sources, and support complex data sources: ERP, OPC equipment, electronic scales, etc. Select the printing connection method: local printing, remote network, or command printing. These factors will directly determine the choice of the print engine. Of course, the performance and cost of the whole machine will be very different.

3. Choose the right ribbon

Choosing a good ribbon can ensure perfect printing results and extend the life of the print head. The types of ribbons include wax-based, resin and wax-based hybrids, and resins. I have shared relevant knowledge about ribbons with you before. You can check it out. At the same time, there are various color options to correspond to your application needs.

4. Choose the right label

Provide direct thermal labels and thermal transfer coated paper labels, synthetic paper labels, and other high-strength labels. These labels can best reflect the excellent performance of the automatic printing labeling machine. The right label is the perfect partner for instant print labeling machines.

Of course, there are still some factors that can help you choose. The above are some of the printing and labeling machine purchase methods provided by Hanyi.