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Operation guidance for labeling machines in the food industry



Standardize operation and improve work efficiency

Scope of application: 

Applicable to all employees of food companies or relevant departments involved in this system


The operational staff of the labeling machine shall operate according to this standard.

Job content:

1. Preparations before starting up

1.1 Turn on the main power supply in the control cabinet;

1.2 Choose qualified labels:

Consistent with the products produced, and the distance between the labels is more than 3mm. Adjust the entrainment mechanism to suit the bottle type used. Adjust the shaping mechanism so that the top of the bottle cap is directly below the pressure belt so that the bottle is in the middle of the pressure belt and the conveyor belt. The pressure regulating belt mechanism makes the pressure belt press the bottle about 2-3mm, press the touch bottle to move slightly, stop the bottle in the middle of the glass plate, adjust the main body, the distance between the glass plate and the bottle is about 2mm. The glass plate is parallel to the bottle body ( Adjust the standard head adjustment seat taper screw).

1.3 Turn on the heater switch on the touch screen (in the green position), and place a bottle on the conveyor belt for natural labeling. Adjust the label head adjustment seat's front and back seat according to the position in front of the label. Adjust the angle deviation of the header adjustment seat according to the inclination angle of the target. Adjust the high and low position handwheel of the header adjustment seat according to the elevation position.

1.4 If it is a round bottle, adjust the large rubber roller mechanism to press the target position (upper and lower handwheels to adjust the height, side handwheels to adjust the left and right tightness).

2. Start-up production

2.1 Check whether the label is consistent with the product.

2.2 Check and select the conveying speed.

 If the production speed is accelerated, the conveyor belt speed should be adjusted, such as 15, 20, 25, and the corresponding parameters should be input when the back is marked (at this time, the adjustment should be made according to the preparation steps).

2.3 First, turn on the power switch, start the "stop" switch, observe the operation, whether the labeling is qualified, and the maintenance personnel can leave after the operation is qualified.

2.4 During operation, if there is a crooked label, look for the cause, check whether the bottle is qualified, adjust the height adjustment column of the label head, and whether the locking screw is loose. If it is loose, it may cause the label head to swing.

2.5 During operation, pay attention to the transportation of bottles, and bottles should not be stuck in the position of the reflector of the labeling machine.

2.6 If accidents endanger life safety and product safety occur during operation, press the emergency stop switch in time.

3. Shutdown

3.1 After the bottle on the conveyor belt runs, press the stop switch and turn off the power supply of the labeling machine.

3.2 Organize the production site, count the remaining labels and record them. Clean up broken labels and surrounding garbage.