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Factors affecting the efficiency and labeling quality of the small square bottle labeling machine


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The factors that affect the efficiency and labeling quality of the all-small square bottle labeling machine are divided into equipment inherent factors, equipment use factors, and communication factors.

Intrinsic factors are directly related to the design performance of the equipment itself. They are governed by the hardware and software features of the equipment itself, including the labeling machine manufacturer's published parameters of the small square bottle labeling machine and the production line capacity optimization management software package (optional) designed by each manufacturer.

Equipment use factors mainly refer to the equipment user's cognition of the equipment and the configuration and management of the production line, including the configuration and management of production personnel and production equipment management.

The communication factor mainly refers to the fact that when the equipment user is faced with a new product or new process challenge, it should promptly feedback information to the equipment manufacturer to get timely support from the labeling machine manufacturer to shorten his own learning time and cost; at the same time, equipment manufacturers must understand the latest market demand from the equipment users promptly, and use it to guide the design (improvement) direction of the equipment, to help them win customers and provide opportunities for occupying new markets.

To improve labeling efficiency and labeling quality must mainly address the above three aspects of the relationship, where the inherent factors are labeling machine manufacturers need to face, here we focus on the use of factors to explore, and finally a simple case to share the successful application of the three factors exemplary.

The following sections will briefly introduce them one by one.

1. Awareness of new products and equipment capabilities and new product process requirements

For simple circuit board assembly (standard components), most of the placement equipment users can solve their own, with the trend of miniaturization of devices and special devices in exotic packages, most of the placement equipment users will encounter some new product challenges, which requires placement production business to invest in human and material resources such as process reliability experiments and capacity evaluation and other tests, to ensure the quality of the product in the actual production At the same time to maximize production capacity to reduce costs.

2. The impact of the configuration and management of production line equipment (hardware)

The correct patch group line configuration includes the correct hardware configuration and software configuration (intelligent software management system). It needs to be emphasized that labeling equipment users should strengthen communication with different labeling machine manufacturers to obtain a cost-effective assembly line configuration. While meeting their current needs, they can reserve some space for their development.

3. Equipment maintenance

It should be noted that the specific small square bottle labeling machine should be prepared by the characteristics of a set of a maintenance program for their own because there are major differences between the different labeling machine manufacturers of automatic labeling machines and the same labeling machine manufacturers of different full small square bottle labeling machine is also a major difference between the high-speed machine, medium-speed machine and multifunctional machine maintenance program needs to be treated differently.

In addition, in the actual production, many small-scale labeling machine manufacturers ignored the equipment due to tight production tasks.

Maintenance, resulting in the high failure rate of equipment after the warranty period, the increase in downtime also constrains the output, which increases the cost of labeling machine manufacturers, should be noted.