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What is the application of the labeling machine in the packaging production line?


The packaging production line is the general term for the modern production of food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics, and other industries. Different industries and products will be equipped with different equipment, which requires different products and production solutions. Now let's talk about the application of the labeling machine in the entire packaging production line.

An automatic labeling machine is a kind of label that can stick roll paper or foil on products or designated packaging. Automatic labeling machines are divided into five categories: flat automatic labeling machine, double-sided automatic labeling machine, round bottle automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic self-adhesive labeling machine. It can be used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, toys, hardware, and other industries. It can also be used to print codes on flat boxes and round objects.

For example, the carton label we saw uses a labeling method that belongs to a flat full labeling machine. The single-sided plane automatic labeling controlled by the standard PLC+touch screen+standard sensor control system is suitable for the single-sided labeling of objects.

For example, the beverage filling production line will use automatic labeling machines. The automatic round bottle labeling machine has strong adaptability to bottles and has a wide range of applications. This machine is mainly used for positioning and labeling round plastic bottles and glass bottles of various specifications in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. It is ideal equipment for replacing manual labeling in large quantities.

In addition, the automatic round bottle labeling machine can also be applied to the small bottle filling production line with high labeling accuracy.

Compared with the traditional manual labeling, either way or product labeling, it requires a lot of workforces to achieve the operation of the entire production line, even in the later semi-automatic labeling, speed and quality are not much change. Automatic labeling machine meets the basic requirements of modern enterprise production. It can be docked with the assembly line or operated as a single machine to achieve fully automated production of the whole line at the speed of the assembly line. Usually, a production line can run smoothly under the management and monitoring of about ten technicians. Therefore, an automatic labeling machine is still very important equipment in the whole application of the packaging line.

What benefits can enterprises bring to their labeling machines?

In the production and packaging enterprises, labeling products is a very important link. A good-looking, flat label can improve the product's appearance, and it can also increase the customer's preference for the product. The labeling machine can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs for production and packaging companies. Today we will take a look at the benefits of using machinery and equipment for product labeling.

1. The labeling is flat, wrinkle-free, and bubble-free, with good labeling accuracy, high efficiency, and good stability;

2, powerful function, one machine can realize 4 kinds of product labeling (square bottle, round bottle, flat bottle, special-shaped bottle);

3. For flat bottles, square bottles, and curved bottles, the double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain is used to ensure the bottle's neutrality automatically. There are only simple requirements for the worker to put the bottle and the assembly line to connect the bottle, which greatly reduces the worker's work or the assembly line. Difficulty

4. The use of flexible adjustment topping mechanism and guide mechanism, mechanical adjustment part of the structural combination, and clever design of label winding, 6 degrees of freedom of labeling position is easy to fine-tune (can be fixed after adjustment).

5. Using standard PLC+touch screen+standard sensor electric control system control, man-machine interactive interface with all Chinese annotations and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function; easy to use and simple to maintain;

6. The main materials are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy. The overall structure is firm and beautiful;

7, with fault alarm function, production counting function, power-saving function, production number setting prompt function, no standard alarm;

8.Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade, etc.), provide sufficient guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment.

When technology was underdeveloped, the labeling of products in enterprises was done manually, but manual labeling had problems such as inaccurate positioning, missing product labels, and low work efficiency, which made it difficult to meet the production needs of enterprises. Nowadays, the development of science and technology has made the automatic labeling machine very useful and opened up a new era of labeling. It can realize true production automation, quality automation, and benefits automation for customers, which reduces the production cost of enterprises and improves product quality.