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Standard troubleshooting methods for self-adhesive labeling machines?

We all know that the labeling machine is a mechanical device, so various failures will inevitably occur during use, so we need to understand its failures. Next, let's talk to you about the standard troubleshooting methods for sticker labeling machines?

 The labeling position is unstable

1. The belt pressing device may not be pressed tightly, resulting in the loosening of the standard belt and the inaccurate detection of the standard measuring sensor;

2, the traction mechanism of the labeling machine may be slippery or not pressed tightly, resulting in the inability to remove the bottom paper smoothly, causing the label length to be different;

3, the bidding speed and the conveying speed do not match;

4.The inclination of the pressing brush at the label stripping board is not appropriate. When the label is sent out, the label should be close to the bush to make the label sending angle consistent.

 The label takes off during the labeling process

1. The belt pressing device is too tight, causing the standard belt to be off-track, and the pressing force can be reduced;

2, before the automatic labeling machine is operated automatically, the tape deviation is not corrected, and the correction can be performed again;

3.The stripping plate is skewed, and the label tape is misaligned, so you only need to adjust the stripping plate.

 The labeling quality of the labeling machine is not good. There are bubbles or wrinkles

1. It is possible that the labeling wheel is not parallel to the plane to be stuck; adjust the labeling wheel;

2. The bidding speed, conveying speed, and overriding speed are not matched. Most of the bidding speeds are too fast. Re-adjust the bidding speed or giving speed;

4.The label strength is not enough, and it is easy to wrinkle during the labeling or overwriting process.

The solution to the phenomenon of sticker labeling machine warping

A perfect visual effect should be achieved in labeling. One of them is to avoid the phenomenon of label warping in labeling. Label the tube before it is filled, and then fill and seal the tube after it has been labeled. The heating during the sealing process is particularly severe to the label. The closer the label is to the bottom, the greater the possibility of a label warning. In practical applications, almost every manufacturer has similar problems, and there are various solutions:

(1)Increase the viscosity of the label and try to make the label stick firmly. To achieve this effect, the following aspects need to be considered:

①Improve the surface quality of the hose being pasted.

The surface of most products is too varnished, which will increase the labeling difficulty, the leakage of the content, the micropores in the tube wall, etc., will cause the label to lift. How to avoid such problems should be a more critical issue for everyone to consider.

②Control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process.

③Control the temperature during the labeling process.

 Increasing the labeling temperature will improve the labeling effect. As the temperature rises, the activity of the substance inside the object will increase, and the label will be more easily integrated with the tube body.

(2)Use soft label materials as much as possible, and good label ductility will significantly improve label warping.

(3) Change the shape of the label.

Make the bottom of the label into an arc shape and avoid the end seal's deformation zone. Of course, the arc cannot be opened too deep. Otherwise, the label itself will easily cause wrinkles and increase unnecessary trouble. For special-shaped end sealing, the shape of the label is required to be changed accordingly, which can not only avoid label warping but also increase the aesthetics.

(4) Eliminate the influence of static electricity.

The labeling process is prone to static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect. Appropriately increasing the humidity of the labeling site will improve it to a certain extent. Using ion fans is also an effective solution. The labeling machine is equipped with automatic humidity control. It can also control the cleanliness of the equipment separately, keep the label away from dust, and improve the labeling quality of the product. In this way, there is no longer the phenomenon of label lift during the labeling process, and the visual effect is achieved.

Precautions for using self-adhesive labeling machine

1.Before the automatic labeling machine is powered on, make sure that the power switch is turned off, and then follow the steps in the manual.

2.If the machine is not running for a long time, wipe it with a dry cloth and not use corrosive detergents.

3.Liquid is strictly prohibited from splashing into the automatic labeling electromechanical box to avoid corrosion or short circuit damage to internal electrical components.

4.According to the equipment packing list, check that the type, specification, and quantity of equipment and materials should meet the design and product standards requirements.

5.Check the appearance of the labeling machine. And the equipment should be free from deformation, damage, and rust, and the rotating shafts should be flexible and free from jamming.

6. The generally used labeling machine equipment is single-phase AC 220V, and the power plug is a flat three plug, which should be plugged into a power socket equipped with a ground wire.