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Automatic labeling machine in express industry, three common labeling solutions

In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, many explosive parcels, tens of thousands of packs per day, need to be packaged, sealed, stickers, and other work. Manual operation can no longer meet the standard delivery requirements for large sellers with tens of thousands of packages. It is even more impossible to improve the fast delivery service of merchants, send packages faster, increase the delivery speed, and let buyers get a better shopping experience. Big sellers for the standard express properties of the packaging link of the automation of efficient demand came into being.

In addition, the need for packing and labeling of different non-standard express parcels also exists. We will introduce other solutions for automating the filling of face sheets for standard express packages and containers of various sizes.

1. Explosive standard product: automatic solution for express parcel veneer

The express veneer on the regular cartons (real-time printing can be added). For the same size express veneer, 12,000 can be posted in the first hour, which significantly improves work efficiency and is sufficient to meet the high-efficiency demands of most businesses;

2. Non-standard products side stickers: side stickers for different product specifications

Specifications of express parcel pieces, side labeling can be positioned labeling. But the speed is relatively slow, up to 1200 pieces per hour.

3.Flat stickers on non-standard products: express delivery sheets with different heights

Different specifications of the express parcel pieces sticker need to be solid customer existing equipment, site, speed requirements, diverse product size range, etc., several aspects for careful consideration, to give a specific sticker program.

The above three labeling methods are the standard products and multi-size express parcels given to paste the express bread solutions. Traditional products are still relatively easy to paste the face of a single solution. For multi-specification express parcel products, you need to combine the customer's actual situation to go out of the program. Determine whether to paste to that side. The above described mainly on the plane, side two ways, for exceptional product requirements and environment, the bottom labeling may also be applied.