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Reasons for the label breaking of the labeling machine


1. Edge

Knowing more information will help you in your work. After die-cutting and processing self-adhesive labels into products, the backing paper is usually more comprehensive than the label, making it easier for customers to remove the label when applying it and waste time. It is easy to create small cracks in the base paper at the edge of the label during transportation and transfer of the label.

An automatic labeling machine has a certain tension in the labeling process, the edge underneath its label paper can be easily peeled off, and the label is torn. In addition, improper adjustment of the rollers on the labeling machine can cause the rollers to pull the base paper at the edge of the label and damage the label. Usually, the label fracture zone formed by the roller crushing the bottom paper has regular cracks in the base paper.

2. Tight formation

If packed too tightly, the self-adhesive adhesive will extrude and leak out, and the oozing glue will stick to the back of the liner paper, making it challenging to loosen the whole roll of labels. This situation is pronounced in summer, and if the labels are relatively narrow, the tensile strength per unit area of the backing paper will not be high. The automatic labeling machine in the labeling process has a constant tension.

In the labeling process, the tension of the labeling machine and the tension inside the roll will lead to the formation of a backing paper, from which the label is peeled off, resulting in the shape of a broken label band, the label break band formed in this case will fail due to tension, so the paper underneath will be irregularly cracked, but the cracked surface is relatively uniform.