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Automatic labeling machine continuous labeling how to solve?


When an automatic labeling machine is working, it is understood that it often encounters the situation of continuous labeling. What solutions do we have in this situation?

1. The labeling electric eye fault

Solution: the label will be placed in the labeling electric eye detection area, slide the title to obtain, disconnect the signal while observing the IO monitoring on the touch screen with or without a flashing signal light. If the signal light does not blink, it may be an electric eye failure or connected to a loose connector. For flexible connectors, the connector will be pressed. If there is no problem, consider the problem of eye failure, timely replacement of the measurement of the standard eye.

2. the label paper does not pass through the detection area of the electric eye of the measurement mark.

Solution: The label paper will be installed through the detection area of the electric eye.

3. dust, powder, broken labels, etc., blocking the detection end of the electric eye.

Solution: timely cleaning the electric eye, pay attention to the dry conditions of cleaning, please do not use a wet cloth and other cleaning tools.

4. the effective signal of the measuring standard electric eye is not well adjusted.

Solution: Re-set the measuring standard electric eye. (By the operating procedures on the manual of each model of the measuring classic electric look to set)

5. the use of the measuring eye is not valid for the material and nature of the label itself. 

If the equipment is used on the transparent label, the detection eye is a common measuring eye, and the measurement eye may sense the object to be measured. The head continuously peels out the brand.

Solution: replace the corresponding nature, can generally detect the effective signal of the measurement eye.

Caution: Follow the instructions to operate. Encounter failure, do not disassemble the labeling machine privately. It should be the first time for and labeling machine supplier to get in touch.