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What is the application of the labeling machine in the entire packaging production line?


The packaging production line is a general term for the modern production of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronics, and other industries. Different industries and products will be equipped with additional equipment, which requires different products and production plans. Today we will talk about it. What is the application of the labeling machine in the entire packaging production line?

The automatic labeling machine is a type that can paste roll paper labels or metal foil labels on products or designated packages. Automatic labeling machines are divided into five categories: flat automatic labeling machine, double-sided automatic labeling machine, round bottle automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic self-adhesive labeling machine. It can be used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, electronics, toys, hardware, and other industries. It can also be used for printing flat cardboard boxes and round objects.

For example, the labeling method used for the carton labels we see belongs to the flat labeling machine. Single-sided plane automatic labeling controlled by standard PLC+touch screen+standard sensor electric control system is suitable for single-sided labeling of objects.

For example, the olive oil filling production line will use a fully automatic round bottle labeling machine. The automatic round bottle labeling machine has strong adaptability to bottles and has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used to position and label round plastic bottles and glass bottles of various specifications in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. It is ideal equipment for mass production instead of manual labeling.

In addition, the round bottle automatic labeling machine can also be used in the small bottle filling production line for inspection, and the labeling accuracy is high.

Compared with traditional manual labeling, no matter which method and product labeling, many workforces are required to realize the operation of the entire production line. Even in the later semi-automatic labeling, there is not much speed and quality change. The automatic labeling machine meets the basic requirements of modern enterprise production. It can be connected to the assembly line or stand-alone operation and cooperates with the assembly line speed to realize the fully automatic display of the entire production line. Often a production line is equipped with about ten technicians to manage and monitor. Smooth operation, so the automatic labeling machine is still essential equipment in the application of the entire packaging production line.