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What is the labeling machine?

Labeling machine (Labeller), is a roll of adhesive paper labels (paper or metal foil) paste on the PCB, product or packaging equipment. Labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging.

At present, China's production of labeling machine is gradually increased, the kinds of technology level also had the very big enhancement, has from the backward situation, manual, semiautomatic stick mark to high-speed automatic labeling machine to occupy the market landscape.

Is mark
Round bottles of adhesive automatic labeling machine
Round bottles of adhesive automatic labeling machine
Label on packaging container, label the centerline and its theoretical position deviation within the scope of the regulations, are referred to as the standard. How much the same packaging container labels, should according to the above definition calculated respectively and the position deviation theory, shall be within the prescribed scope.
Labeling rate
In accordance with the requirements for labeling (single standard or non-standard) labeled container number and the percentage of the total number of packaging container being inspected.
Loss of efficiency
In the labeling process, the number of label damaged by labeling machine and check the packaging container labeling cost when the percentage of the total number of tags.
Is the rate
In check the packaging container, packaging container is mark number and packaging container inspected the percentage of the total number.