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What is High Resolution Inkjet Printer?

High Resolution Inkjet Printer is an important indicator for measuring the quality of printer printing. It determines the fineness of the printer when printing images. It also determines the output quality of the printer. The higher the resolution, the more the number of pixels that can be displayed, the more information can be presented, and more information and better and clearer images can be presented.
High Resolution Inkjet Printer generally includes two directions: vertical and horizontal direction. Its specific value determines the quality of the printing effect. , But we can also make artificial adjustment and control; the output resolution of the inkjet J printer in the vertical and horizontal direction. Inkjet expression. Such as 800*600dpi, 800 represents the number of points displayed in the upper direction, and 600 represents the points displayed in the vertical direction. The division rate is not only related to the size of the displayed surface surface, but also affected by factors such as printing points and printing dimensions. The same size of the printing size, the smaller the point distance, the higher the resolution.