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Selection method of automatic high-speed cartoning machine


As a leading cartoning machine supplier in China, we will introduce you the selection method ofautomatic cartoning machine today.

Hanyitechmulti-function automatic cartoning machine includesfood cartoning machine, biscuit cartoning machine,toothpaste cartoning machine,soap cartoning machine,medicine board cartoning machine,medicine bottle cartoning machine,granule cartoning machine, etc.

Cartoning machine can be divided intovertical cartoning machine andhorizontal cartoning machine according to the structure of the machine itself.

Generally speaking, the packaging speed of vertical cartoning machine is relatively fast, but the packaging range is relatively small, and it is generally only suitable for a single product such as medicine board.

The horizontal cartoning machine can pack various products such as soap, medicine, food, hardware, auto parts and so on.


Choose vertical or horizontal equipment depending on the product


Thecartoning machine you choose should match your product. For example, if the product is free-flowing (granular objects like laundry detergent or loose parts like a cough syrup bottle), you would choose avertical typecartoning machine. For products that can be loaded both vertically and horizontally, ahorizontaltypecartoning machine is best. Mostcartoning machines on the market are horizontal loading, they are more flexible and less expensive than verticalcartoning machines.



To determine the maximum cartoning speed

The first thing to confirm is whether the boxing work is done on the production line or offline. For line speed, divide the maximum product production speed by the number of product packages per carton, and then also consider overload capacity (the possibility of increasing production speed through new processes or technologies). For offline speed, determine the daily weekly or monthly shipping quota, making sure to use the true number of days per week or hours per day to calculate how many cartons can be loaded per minute.




Are you using virgin cardboard (new fiber, more expensive) or recycled material (cheaper)? Poor quality material will definitely affect the boxing quality. You also need to consider the carton cover and glue format design, if you use a spliced format then you can use less glue. When you pack a bag into the carton, the air of this kind creates a material impact. You can reduce this impact by adding a pressure reducer to the bag maker, or adding a bag normalizer to the loading area of thecartoning machine, either way, but you have to prepare it in advance, not the equipment All have been delivered to the field to solve this problem. You can test how thecartoning machine works with products and cartons that are just within specs to see how much air can hold in the bag.


Take advantage of your supplier's experience and knowledge

Include your carton supplier on your project team. You can benefit from bringing together materials experts and equipment experts. Sometimes small changes in carton design, materials and coatings can greatly improve the performance of acartoning machine. Sometimes, if the equipment supplier can specifically design the equipment, you may be able to optimize your carton design and use thinner material to save costs.



Choose acartoning machine that matches your company's technical capabilities

The cartoning machine should match your technical prowess. If the technical prowess is not enough, purchasing a complex machine (like thosecartoning machines with a lot of servos) can cause you more trouble. When choosing a supplier, conduct a background check on the supplier, and consult more companies at the same level to determine whether the equipment you want to buy meets your specifications and whether you can handle it. Make sure your product matches the vendor's technology, and know the limitations of the device you're buying.



Careful consideration of rotary feeders

This question is often overlooked. You might consider a rotary feeder for picking up carton blanks to see if this technique is compatible with the substrate you are using. If thecartoning machine can't pick up the carton blanks correctly, then everything that follows is no good.


Tail loading or side loading?

Tail-loading is generally faster to produce, and if your product is well-controlled and slides into a smaller carton tail opening, then a tail-loadingcartoning machine is a good fit for you. If you need to load multiple items into a carton, a side-loadingcartoning machine is better for you.



Replacement of parts

How can you make this changeover faster when you are producing another size package? Are your components color-coded and classified? Are all parts used in one size the same color? Don't forget to color-sort your components. In addition, you need to think about how to store and place these parts, so that they can be found in their respective places and can be found quickly when looking for them.



Don't forget spare parts

You should ask your supplier for a Critical Spare Parts List and a Recommended Spare Parts List as soon as circumstances permit. Have these spare parts delivered with the machine so that if something goes wrong while the machine is in service, you can fix it quickly. You need to check both lists to see what parts you have and what you can get from local suppliers.



To consider future needs

Will you use larger packs or cluster packs in the future? If thecartoning machine you choose can only produce two sizes, you will need to buy a newcartoning machine in the future. Retrofitting can often be very expensive. Prepare for the future ahead of time and choose a flexible and promisingcartoning machine that will allow you to meet future production needs.