Magnetic Separator

Our company is committed to producing high-performance fine iron removal and magnetic application products, providing complete technical solutions.

After more than 10 years of development, our company has now developed a series of diversified applications in fine chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, grain and oil, sugar, battery materials, plastics, power generation, papermaking, metallurgy, inorganic powder, mechanical processing and other industries The professional magnetic separation products produced by the company are widely used in the treatment of ferromagnetic impurities in materials such as powders, granules, flakes, fluids, and slurries, which greatly improves the quality of materials.


The products mainly include: magnetic bar, magnetic frame, pneumatic iron separator, drawer iron separator, powder iron separator, fluid iron separator, magnetic rod iron separator, grid iron separator, pipeline iron separator, rotary iron separator, drum iron separator, magnetic plate iron separator, belt iron separator, magnetic separator, etc.


The magnetic core is made of rare earth strong magnetic material, the surface magnetism can reach more than 13000GS, and the temperature resistance can reach up to 400°C. The outside of the magnetic core is made of 304 or 316L seamless stainless steel, and the inside and outside are polished, which can meet the requirements of food and pharmaceutical hygiene.

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  • Program Controlled Pneumatic Magnetic Separator, also named Self Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator, is designed to continuously remove contamination from the materials without any interruption.

  • Magnetic Liquid Traps or Magnetic Liquid Filters are designed for liquid or semi-liquid flow systems to remove ferrous contamination from liquid with different viscosity level. They preserve product purity by removing small contaminants,provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment.

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