Inkjet And Laser Printer System

Inkjet And Laser Printer System and laser printer systems are the most widely used marking equipment nowadays.

Common laser printer systems include: CO2 Laser Marking Machine, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine, Semiconductor End-pumped Solid Laser Marking Machine, etc.


Common inkjet printers include: Small character inkjet printer, High resolution inkjet printer, Large character inkjet printer, UV variable data inkjet printing system, R series thermal transfer intelligent printer, etc.


Our Inkjet and laser printer systems are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, auto parts, electronics, cosmetics, wire and cable, building materials, chemical industry and other industries.

Whether it is product identification, product traceability, anti-counterfeiting, etc., we can always stand on your perspective to provide you with high-quality, cost-effective solutions.


Most customers use Inkjet and laser printer systems at the same time to achieve complementary effects.


There is no best marking equipment, only the most suitable marking solutions. Only by accurately positioning requirements can customers reduce costs and obtain more benefits.

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