Cartoning Machine

Hanyitech multifunctional automatic cartoning machines includes food cartoning machine, biscuit cartoning machine, toothpaste cartoning machine, soap cartoning machine, medicine board cartoning machine, medicine bottle cartoning machine, granules cartoning machine, etc.

The cartoning machines can be divided into vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine according to the machine's own structure.

Generally speaking, the packaging speed of the vertical cartoning machine is relatively fast, but the packaging range is relatively small, and it is generally only applied to a single product such as a medicine board.

The horizontal cartoning machine can carton a variety of products, such as soap, medicine, food, hardware, auto parts, etc.

Scope of application:
Entertainment industry: pen, chalk, crayon stapler, inkpad, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: medicine boards, oral liquids, medicine bottles, vials, bagged granules, plasters, ointments, aerosols, etc.
Food industry: ice cream, egg rolls, bread, bagged coffee, seasoning packs, milk powder, specialty products, pastries, biscuits, etc.
Daily chemical industry: toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, facial mask, cream, lipstick, mosquito coil, glue, etc.
Hardware and electrical appliances: bearings, bulbs, switches, sockets, relays, chargers, etc.
Auto parts industry: spark plugs, filters, piston rings, automotive bulbs, automotive electrical appliances, valve valves, etc.
Plastic industry: cling film, plastic products, etc.
Household paper: paper face towels, sanitary napkins, pads, cotton pads, etc.

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